• EMDR Extended Time and Intensives

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    EMDR Intensives

    Extended Sessions

    Traditional “therapy hours” are considered 50-60 minutes, and that time has been widely determined by insurance companies. If you are engaged in weekly EMDR therapy, you may find that you benefit from more time to open up in the beginning of the session or take a bit longer to reground during wrap up. We offer 90 minute options for ongoing therapy if you find that you are more comfortable with extended time.

    Intensive EMDR Sessions 

    An EMDR Intensive might be a good fit for you if…

    • Your schedule makes it difficult to commit to weekly hour-long sessions.
    • You have an ongoing weekly therapist but want to work for a focused time with a trauma therapist to desensitize specific memories.
    • You don’t want to be in therapy for months or years and have a specific memory, belief, or feeling that is causing distress. In weekly EMDR therapy, clients can feel destabilized after the session… then feel better…only to have to open up the same memory again in the next weekly session. Intensives give us the space to fully reprocess a memory within the time we’ve decided on together.

    While many clients are good candidates for an intensive, some may do better with an ongoing therapeutic relationship. Clients with long-term childhood abuse or neglect, who have had years of traumatic events, are typically not advised to do an Intensive. Some exceptions can be made for those currently under the care of a trusted provider that they can return to. Clients with a complex trauma history can make progress on particular parts of events, but often they are not finished with treatment and need to continue with their regular therapist following the intensive.

    Ideal candidates are those who have had a single stressful or traumatic event, such as an assault, fire, car accident, or a specific phobia.

    Intensive and Extended Session Rates:

    • 90 Minute Extended Session $275 
    • 1 Day (5 hours) Intensive Session $1375*
    • 2 Day (7 hours) Intensive Session $2200*
    • 2 Day Weekend (10 hours) Intensive Session $2750*

    *Your Intensive EMDR Session will include an initial phone consultation, comprehensive personalized workbook, grounding/calming resources, and a 30 minute follow up consultation.

    Reiki treatment or individual yoga add-on available

    We provide water, tea, coffee, and snacks.