• Holistic Nursing and Wellness Services

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    The Cairn Center is pleased to offer empowering tools to ease stress in these challenging times.

    *New Spring Classes:

    Reiki 1 on 3/26 10-4
    Reiki 2 on 4/16
    Reiki 3 on 5/7

    New Spring Workshop:

    I Choose Peace

    Tuesday evenings  

    May 16th –June 3rd 5:30 – 7:00 

    This experiential class will share modalities for self- care, including:

     meditation, creative visualization, journaling, breathwork and Heartmath practices.

    • A deep discount will be offered for healthcare providers and first responders

    Led by experienced facilitators

    Gail Mitton WHE & Kathleen Armany RN, BC-HN

    • Please register early, group size will be limited
    • [email protected] to register directly w/ Kathleen Armany

    Holistic Nursing

    Holistic Nursing is based on a heart-centered caring relationship in which the client and clinician come together to facilitate the client's overall health and healing. Drawing from a wide range of therapies and practices, it results in an array of healing options for treating the whole person, encompassing one’s mind, body and spirit.

    Reiki Treatment and Instruction

    Reiki is an ancient and sacred form of natural healing in which universal life force energy is channeled through the hands of an initiated trained practitioner. This non-invasive technique clears, stimulates and balances an individual's energy field, thereby bringing benefit to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Reiki’s ability to restore harmony helps to empower the client to participate in self-healing.


    HeartMath assists individuals to reduce stress and anxiety while learning to develop self-regulation skills, thereby building mental and emotional resilience. Using biofeedback, a direct physiological response is demonstrated for increased awareness. Practices are then taught that effectively decrease established stress responses, allowing the client to more fully manage navigating within their current environment, while learning tools to self soothe and facilitate ongoing calm.

    Wellness Groups

    Wellness Groups are offered to empower individuals in self-care, and educate on practices that assist them to relate, rebalance and re-energize their lives. Including but not limited to:• HeartMath for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation, as well as The Resilient Heart for Trauma• Reiki I, II, III classes• I Choose Peace – an experiential group for grounding and balancing practices.• Living Life on Purpose• Moving Through Cancer

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